Where to Eat

When you visit Marietta, come hungry! Indulge in our vibrant culinary scene with everything from farm-to-table cuisine to the famed Marietta Diner. Our local-owned restaurants are sure to satisfy any foodie.

Restaurants in Marietta

One thing you’ll notice about the restaurants in Marietta is the incredible variety catering to practically every foodie’s desire. Hungry for comfort food or farm-to-table cuisine? It’s in Marietta. Prefer Colombian and sangria or dreaming of Italian and vino? You’ll find it here. Love an old-school classic burger steeped in Southern charm? Look no further. Don’t miss out on seeing one of Georgia’s most famous landmarks – The Big Chicken.

Marietta’s newest addition, the Marietta Square Market, is conveniently located off the square and offers 17 restaurant options and two local retailers.

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