Marietta Square Scavenger Hunt: Do You Have What it Takes?

Marietta Square Scavenger Hunt: Do You Have What it Takes?

Visit Marietta Georgia Scavenger Hunt of the Historic Marietta Square


It’s a tour. Visit Marietta takes you to historic and popular destinations around the Historic Marietta Square.

It’s a game. On the scavenger hunt, you’ll solve riddles, answer trivia questions, and learn fun facts. You could win a Visit Marietta gift package!

It’s a way to connect. It’s a fun way to get unique photo-worthy and instagramable pictures.

How does it work? Explore the Historic Marietta Square while answering the questions. Send your answers via email to, or bring it in to the welcome center on Saturdays 9am-2pm or Sundays 1pm-4pm. Get bonus points for posting the photos to your social account and using hashtag #VisitMariettaGa.

On March 26th, we will select a first and second place winner based on your answers. Include your name and email address below so we can contact you if you are a winner.


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Prompt Points
Take a picture in front of the Marietta Mural. Post to your sociall for 100 bonus pts. 50
Find a street sign that starts with the letter “M” What is the street? 25
What type of attractions can you find when you visit the corner of North Marietta Parkway and Polk Street? 50
He was Marietta’s first pharmacist; his house is at the corner of Polk Street. What is his name?

bonus points: What year was the house constructed?

This building is home to 18 restaurants, a destination for any foodie. Name 3 restaurants found here. 30
Name the church established by former slaves located at the corner of Lemon and Haynes Street. 25
This Marietta Square coffee shop is named after a day of the week? 25
Name a place with a number in its name? 25
Their Spring performance is ‘Peter Pan.” Do your favorite dance pose beneath the mural on the side of their building.

Take a photo and tag us on your social media.

Find a street sign that starts with the letter “C.” What is the street? 25
This theater on the Square opened in 1935. What is the theater and what is playing there today/this month? 50
What are the GPS coordinates of the mural of two birds that invokes joy? 75
Its building opened as the Cobb County United States Post Office in 1910. Name one exhibit this month at the Marietta

Cobb Museum of Art?

This building was once a cotton warehouse, Civil War hospital, hotel, and now it is home to the city’s history. In fact,

the raiders of the “great train robbery” stayed here the night before their theft. What is the name of the building?

And what is located here?

Find your own epic location on the Square and take a photo of your team members. Tag us on your social media. 150

100 Bonus points: Browse the Marietta Square Farmers and Artisan Market on a Saturday morning. Take a photo with

a vendor and tag them and us on your social media.

100 Bonus points: Tag us with a photo of your favorite beverage purchased on the Square.