Best Fall Farmer’s Market Finds in Marietta

Best Fall Farmer’s Market Finds in Marietta

The Marietta Square Farmers Market is a year-round event, but it can be especially rewarding in the fall. Here are some of the amazing market offerings that you can find this time of year:

Bernhards German Bakery & Deli

Nothing is better than enjoying a warm baked good when the temperature starts to drop – especially when you don’t have to bake it yourself. No one does baked goods better than Bernhards. Bernhards has everything from specialty breads to pretzels to cakes to pastries. We love to have a sausage roll for breakfast at the market and take home a few other items, like a delicious baguette or their wonderful olive bread. Our personal favorite is the guava coffee cake.

Fresh Fall Flowers

Fall means cooler weather, but it also means new décor and smells at home. One way to really dive into fall is by adding some fall foliage. The Marietta Square Farmers Market is the perfect place to pick up some seasonal flowers to add to your aesthetic. Visit one of several fresh flower stands on Saturday mornings and take home fresh sunflowers or other seasonal favorites.

Local Apples

Do you plan to make apple pie, caramel apples or homemade cider this year? Why spend hours at a big-box grocery store when you could find all the fresh, locally grown apples you could ever need right here in Marietta? The Marietta Square Farmers Market is always the perfect stop for produce, and fall is no different. Stop by on Saturday and grab an amazing batch of apples to take home and turn into something great. Oh, and don’t forget to call us when you do!

Specialty Foods

Although they are not the stereotypical fall favorites, these specialty food items are the perfect way to have a cozy dinner at home. We have at times been able to make a full week of meals out of the many great items we took home from the Marietta Square Farmers Market. Stay warm this autumn with some etouffee, smoked sausage, pasta and sauce, samosas, empanadas, tamales, guacamole, salsa, or pimento cheeses. These and more are all carefully hand-made by the many incredible vendors that you can find in Marietta on a Saturday morning.


Visit the Marietta Square Farmers Market website to learn more about Atlantas’ #1 Farmers Market.