5 Ways to Feel Connected instead of Isolated

5 Ways to Feel Connected instead of Isolated

Marietta is known for its charming turn-of-the-century square, quaint shops, beautiful parks, celebrated theatres and unforgettable museums.

It’s also known as a place for people to experience connection. During this time of social distancing, feeling connected may seem challenging, but don’t fear, we’ve put together a list of five ways to feel connected instead of isolated.

  1. Embrace the outdoors. Connect with nature by exploring the parks in Marietta or the hiking trails of Kennesaw Mountain. Grab your helmet and take a bike ride on the Mountain to River Trail. Please note Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park temporarily closed its visitor center, including the restrooms and the Eastern National Bookstore. The parking lots and trails will remain open and the National Park Service has waived entrance fees. Guests are encouraged to check the park’s Facebook page for updates.
  2. Support our local restaurants. Call in and order take-out from the various restaurants in Marietta. Many restaurants are offering delivery options and curbside pick-up services. If you are capable, consider making a generous tip to help the front-line restaurant and hospitality staff.
  3. Share your favorite Marietta moments. Whether they happened in the past or are currently happening, we encourage you to share your photos. Snap a picture of the meal you ordered and picked up using curbside service. Take a minute to look through your camera roll and find any photos you took while visiting Marietta. Tag @visitmariettageorgia and we may feature your shot to lift everyone’s spirits.
  4. Purchase gift certificates or tickets and use them later. Another great way to support local restaurants and retailers: purchasing gift cards. Many museums and attractions are allowing people to purchase tickets and use them for a different date. If businesses offer online shopping, take advantage of it and order some local goodies to look forward to.
  5. Practice kindness. Kindness is more contagious than any illness. Lend a helping hand if you are able and connect with your friends and family whether that be through text, phone calls or video chats.

As we practice social distancing and take other precautionary measures into consideration, keep in mind that there are still ways to connect. We look forward to connecting with our visitors in the future but in the meantime, connect with us on social media.