Valentine’s Ideas for All (Yes, Even the Singles!)

Valentine’s Ideas for All (Yes, Even the Singles!)

Whether you are spending the day with the love of your life or yourself (or both if they are the same person – We don’t judge), Marietta has opportunities for everyone this Valentine’s Day! Here are some ideas on how to celebrate (or tolerate) the day of love!

For The Memory-Making Couple        

Marietta offers a wide variety of fine eateries. Whether you want to celebrate with a quality steak, delicious pasta, or something new and exciting, Marietta has exactly what you are looking for. Get to know your partner over a bottle of wine at Mac’s Chophouse. Relive old memories with your favorite person over tapas and cocktails at Silla Del Toro. Steal bites of authentic southern food from each other’s plates at Blaqhaus ATL. Make Valentine’s Special in Marietta.

For The Frugal Sweethearts

Valentine’s Day can be a promotor of stress for those that don’t want to break the bank to celebrate love. Marietta has quality options for every budget. Split a pizza from Marietta Pizza Company and enjoy an art gallery. Grab a couple of hot dogs at The Original Hot Dog Factory and stroll hand-in-hand down the Mountain to River Trail. Enjoy ice cream cones from Sarah Jean’s Ice Cream while sitting on a bench in Glover Park on the Marietta Square. Romance can happen anywhere in Marietta.

For The Galentines Groups

For some, Valentine’s Day includes group outings amongst friends. Take your gang to the Marietta Square Market and choose from 18 different eateries. Grab a large table and share stories for hours amidst some of the most delicious dining choices in Marietta. Afterwards, head over to Johnnie MacCrackens Celtic Firehouse Pub and make a night of memories with friends.

For The Singles

Valentine’s Day can be the most dreaded day of the year for those without a partner. It doesn’t have to be though! Make it a memory by going on an empowering date with yourself. Enjoy a delicious, local beer at Schoolhouse Brewing and safely test your axe throwing abilities at American Axes. Who knows? You may just meet the love of your life. Or you may decide that you want to spend your next Valentine’s Day the same way! Either way, have fun!

In Marietta, you have every opportunity. Spend time with your sweetheart. Indulge your sweet tooth. Maybe just enjoy sweet solitude. Visit our website for more ideas on how to create the best plan for Valentine’s Day.