Talked About Tours in Marietta

Talked About Tours in Marietta

What do you think of when the City of Marietta comes to mind? Whatever it is, there are numerous tours for friends and family to experience the rich history and vibrant community. Furthermore, Marietta tours range from free walking guides to paid groups trips. Here are three unique tours to stretch those winter legs and learn more what makes Marietta, Georgia special.


Ghosts of Marietta

With Marietta’s extensive historic roots, it is not surprising that some residents never decided to leave their home. The Ghosts of Marietta tour dives guests into story lines like Civil War soldiers or past city merchants who are known to stop by from time to time. This spooky experience is available all year long and the ticket packages (available online) include a Haunted Pub Crawl, Haunted Walking Tour and Ghosts & Grieving Tour.


Marietta Food Tours

Residents and visitors can agree that Marietta has some of the best local restaurants in the state of Georgia. Even so, Marietta Food Tours is exciting group walking guide that explores diverse cuisines, with guidance from a local culinary expert. This private tour blends Marietta eating with local tourism to create an unforgettable experience in the city. Unique stops along the way include, Kiosco Colombian Restaurant and Paul’s Pot Pies. Whether you are temporarily in the city or a long-time resident, Marietta Food Tours offers exclusive recommendations and insight that you will not find anywhere else!


Marietta’s Black History Walking Tour

It is vital to recognize the incredible strides and achievements made by the black community throughout Marietta’s history. On the Marietta Black History Walking Tour, guests are exposed to numerous historical sites in the community that span from the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement. These Marietta sites signify the struggle for freedom and the ongoing battle to attain basic human rights. Come by the Marietta Welcome Center to pick up a map of the destinations; stops include Old Zion Baptist Church and Blue Eagle Fire Company.