Take Me Out to The Ball Game: Winding up for the Pitch in Marietta, Georgia

Take Me Out to The Ball Game: Winding up for the Pitch in Marietta, Georgia

Nothing beats a day at the ballfield, but for the true sports enthusiast, sometimes the ball park isn’t enough to scratch the itch. While you’re in town for the Braves be sure to check out these other baseball-centric activities.



Don’t wait for the ballpark to fill up on a good frank! Brandi’s World Famous Hot Dogs will fill you up with the best red dogs in the Metro area. You’ve GOT to try their chili slaw dog, a perennial crowd favorite. The chili has a bit of spice and a hint of sweetness from the the slaw, making this snack worthy of your [field of] dreams.

Maybe you’re a BBQ-before-the-game kind of person. Well you won’t find any better ‘que than that found at Williamson Brothers. Here, the secret to perfection starts with a wood-burning pit and finishes with a variety of savory sauces. Their original sauce is a thinner one blended with 16 unique spices, resulting in just right mash-up of sweet and tangy. Trust us, you’ll fall in love with the flavor. And, to sweeten the deal, Williamson Brothers sells their sauces by the bottle and the gallon so no matter where you’re from you can take a bit of this Marietta classic home with you.

Need a burger to hold you over? Check out Stockyard Burgers and Bones. Brace yourself, Stockyard takes the traditional idea of the burger and flips it on its head. You may not have thought about putting apple butter on a burger but the Dirty South burger—topped with smoked gouda mac-n-cheese, bacon, apple butter, and BBQ sauce—will make you wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. This place is truly an experience, and if you’re bold enough to keep an open mind, you’ll be blown away with flavor.



What’s baseball without your favorite brew? Red Hare Brewing Company is on deck with some of the best ales around. These folks were were the first craft brewery in Georgia to can their products, and when you taste their offerings you’ll know why people were so eager to have Red Hare available at home. They also feature hand-crafted non-alcoholic sodas so your DD can enjoy a flavorful drink while staying safe and sober. Our other favorite brewery—Glover Park Brewery—is also ready and waiting for you to swing in. Glover Park boasts a range of offerings to please everyone: no matter if you like the heavier brews, the lighter ales or somewhere in-between, they offer a personalized twist on classic brews.



The hype at a ballgame will have you wanting to join a league of your own. If you want to get your swing down pat, look no further than D-Bat! With cage time available by the hour or through discounted memberships, you too can get your all-star skills in shape!



After a long game, relax and rejuvenate at one of the many hotels in Marietta. Stay close to the action of the game while exploring the rich history of the city.