Marietta’s Top 10 Most Instagrammable Spots

Marietta’s Top 10 Most Instagrammable Spots

Lately everyone’s been trying to up their Instagram game. With backdrops of glistening city skylines and stunning murals, everyone is trying to spice up their feed by photographing themselves somewhere new and exciting. If you’re searching for a new destination to feature on your Insta profile, look no further! Marietta has multiple Insta-worthy spots. Take a look at our top ten favorites!


Glover Park Fountain

If you’re ever visited the Historic Marietta Square, chances are you’ve walked through Glover Park and recognized the flowing fountain as its centerpiece. Throw in some coins and make a wish for an appropriately posed photo-op!


Earl & Rachel Smith Strand Theatre

The Earl & Rachel Smith Strand Theatre is a hard-to-miss Marietta landmark. The Strand looks the most beautiful when it’s all lit up, so visit just after dark to capture the perfect photo.


Marietta Mural

A fairly recent addition to the Square, the Marietta mural has become a popular photo spot for Instagram users. Painted by Craig Stanley, the mural provides a vibrant backdrop not only for photography, but for each train that passes through the city.


Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park


Get your steps in while hiking through Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to find an outdoorsy setting for your Instagram pic. Whether you choose to pose next to a cannon or in front of the breathtaking view from the top, your photo will surely be stunning.


Rocket Fizz Candy Store

This classic candy shop located on the Marietta Square is full of color. Pose next to a giant lollipop or one of the vintage vinyl posters for an edgy and vibrant Instagram photo.


UpDog Smoothies & Juices

Order a Heart Opener or Warrior Acai Bowl from UpDog Smoothies & Juices to see one of the prettiest and most edible creations in Marietta. Decorated with fruit, seeds and nut butter, photos of these bowls will really spice up your Instagram feed.


Marietta Diner

The vibrant neon lights of the Marietta Diner make it a standout city landmark. Visit the diner after dark to capture it in all of its glory – it’s even open 24 hours!


Sessions Stand

The aesthetic of this walk-up coffee stand is an Instagram user’s dream. The modern white brick, standout blue door and string-lit porch are just a few things that make Sessions Stand so trendy and gram-worthy. Not only are they so visually pleasing; their coffee is delicious, too.


Java Cats Cafe

Who doesn’t love a good cat photo? At Java Cats Cafe in Marietta, you can sip on a tasty tea or coffee while cuddling with a furry feline friend.


 The Big Chicken

In case you didn’t know, the Big Chicken is the number one landmark in Marietta. Visit the KFC on Cobb Parkway to see it up close – it will be a hit on the ‘Gram!