A Guided Walking Art Tour of Marietta

Visit Marietta Art Tour

A Guided Walking Art Tour of Marietta

Local art can give you a basic introduction to a city and help you feel its pulse. The enthusiasm for visual art is present in Marietta and kept alive by the Marietta Art Council. One excellent way to experience the creative side of Marietta is to view its art. Take our guided walking art tour to visit the galleries, a Cobb museum, and public artworks in downtown Marietta.

              Tour Starts: 34 Mill Street at the Marietta Mural

              Tour Ends: Brumby Pedestrian Bridge, Perception Installation off of Church St.

Stop #1: MARIETTA, Mural (34 Mill Street)

Start your art tour at the Marietta Mural, track side at 34 Mill Street. Craig Stanley’s mural is a bold and vibrant welcome for visitors to Marietta Square. It is a great backdrop to your photos and is one of our 15 most Instagrammable sites. 

Stop #2: Wait for a Dream, Mural (Mill Street, track side)

Across the street, is one of our newest public art works, Helen Choi’s playful Wait for a Dream. Choi’s concept features a colorful mountain landscape, referencing the Mountain to River Trail at its location.

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Stop #3: En Pointe, Mural (49 W. Park Square, Mill Street Side)

Also on Mill Street, you will find local artist, Lindsey O’Shields’, En Pointe. This ballerina mural represents the dedication and passion of the young dancers at the Georgia Dance Conservatory, home to the Georgia Metropolitan Dance Theater. 

Stop #4: This Could Be, Mural (Atherton Square)

Just around the corner in McNeel Alley (the courtyard behind Piastra) is Atlanta based artist Christina Kwan’s abstract floral. 

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Stop #5: Joy2, Mural (Atherton Square)

In the alley are the colorful birds of Lauren Pallotta Stumberg’s Joy2.

Stop #6: Sculpture Garden (Atherton Square)

Right there at the Joy2 mural is the sculpture garden. The current sculptures are an untitled steel piece by found material artist Edward Chrisman; and Jeffie Brewer’s whimsical Bunny, a favorite with local children.

Stop #7: dk Gallery (25 W Park Square)

To the left of the sculpture garden, walk past the outdoor dining of Red Hare Brewing Company and make a right on the Square, to 25 W Park Square. Here you will find contemporary fine art pieces by local and national established artists in dk Gallery.

Stop #8: Big Little Chickens, Mural (17 Whitlock Avenue)

Go around the corner to Park West Vintage on Whitlock Avenue. Track side is Big Little Chickens. This iconic mural by Lindsey O’Shields is a community favorite.

Stop #9: Our Town, Mural (26 Powder Springs Street)

Just down the street is a recent addition to our public art works, Our Town. Local artist, Donna Barnhardt invited the community to take part in creating the mural at the 2023 annual TrailFest public art works festival. Our Town includes symbols celebrating the history and energy of Marietta.

Stop #10: Tabula Rasa, Mural (48 Powder Springs Street)

A few steps away is another Donna Barnhardt abstract. Tabula Rasa brightens the Square with bold colors and energetic lines.

Stop #11: Peach III, Mural (48 Powder Springs Street)

You can’t miss Angela Faustina’s fruity mural, Peach III, as it is at the same location as stop 10. Her magnified imagery of juicy peaches highlights the beauty and vibrancy of life.

Stop #12: As Seasons Change, So Do We, Mural (52 Powder Springs Street Track side Wall)

Walk along the trail to the track side wall of Two Birds Taphouse to see Nicole Kang’s homecoming mural, As Seasons Change, So Do We. Her works reflect her personal experience, often delving into love, loss, womanhood and her Korean-American heritage.

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Stop #13: May-Retta, Mural (60 Powder Springs Street)

Keep walking the trail to find Olga Sidilkovskaya and Leah Cochran’s vibrant depiction of life in downtown Marietta.

Stop #14: M2R Fence Gallery (South End)

Walk the Mountain to River Trail along the train tracks to view the South End section of the M2R Fence Gallery. It is a mile-long juried exhibit of photography works and fine art, including a student section. The Fence Gallery is on display the months of May through August.

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Stop #15: Pétanque Dans La Pénombre (277 South Marietta Pkwy, Douceur de France Restaurant)

As you explore the Fence Gallery, you won’t want to miss the enchanting mural by Lindsey O’Shields. The artist’s trip to France and the works of Czech artist Alphonse Mucha inspired Pétanque Dans La Pénombre.

Stop #16: Muse & Co. Gallery (26 Winters Street)

Head back across the bridge and down Powder Springs Street to Muse & Co. on Winters Street. A contemporary and fine art gallery, including an interior design showcase.

Stop #17: Marietta Cobb Museum of Art (30 Atlanta Street)

One block over on Atlanta Street stop in for a visit to the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, the only Metropolitan Atlanta fine arts museum focusing on American Art. 

Stop #18: Just Kiln Time (27 Atlanta St)

Across the street, let your creative juices flow and paint your own custom one of a kind pottery masterpiece at Just Kiln Time. It is Atlanta’s oldest pottery painting studio.

Stop #19: The Loft, Gallery (120 S. Park Square; Suite 207)

The Loft is a beautiful gallery located upstairs on the historic Marietta Square. The gallery showcases original artwork from emerging and established contemporary fine artists.

Stop #20: Ahoy, There Be Dragons, Gallery (35 N Park Square)

It’s not your average art gallery! Cross the street to the North Park Square side to visit Ahoy, There Be Dragons, a whimsical art gallery. If you’re a sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast, this is the one for you.

Stop #21: If You Don’t Stop Then You Won’t Get Caught, Mural (89 Cherokee Street, Hansel Street Side)

Around the corner on the side wall at House of Lu Restaurant catch this mural. Painting partners Matthew Mederer and Max Komarov came together to create their first public artworks in Georgia.

Stop #22: Robert Kent Gallery (85 Church Street)

Robert Kent Galleries represents over 100 local, regional, national and international artists.

Stop #23: McPherson Tire Shop, Mural (135 Church Street)

Head down Church Street to our final mural on the tour, McPherson Tire, on the wall at Third Door. The mural references the history of the property where it is located, which was operated as a tire shop and a gas station by the McPherson Family.

Stop #24: M2R Fence Gallery (North End)

Walk back to the train tracks and go right this time, to finish your tour of the Fence Gallery. This section contains the student exhibits.  The Fence Gallery is on display the months of May through August.